What Is BiSTA?


In Honduras, the public schools are overcrowded, understaffed, underfunded, and in many places, nonexistent. To help fill the gap, many devoted Hondurans have started their own private schools, many of which are bilingual, teaching both English and Spanish subjects. Since English speaking teachers can be hard to find in small Honduran towns, they recruit Americans to come to teach.

But recruiting Americans and paying their wages is an expensive burden for cash-strapped schools, and buying round-trip tickets to Honduras can be a burden on young, recently graduated American teachers. That's where BiSTA comes in.

At BiSTA, we bring young American teachers with a sense of adventure together with Honduran schools that need English speaking teachers. We raise the money to fly them down and back, and pay their wages while they teach there, thus freeing the schools to put that money to other use (scholarships, school supplies & upkeep, raises for the Honduran teachers).

We also advise them as they ready themselves for this commitment, and help acclimate them to their new home once they get to Honduras. We would like nothing better than for these young Americans to come away with a lifelong friendship with Honduras and its people.

Our Teachers

  • Abby Samuels of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, served September 2008 to January 2009
  • Glenn Lynch of Australia, served January to June 2010
  • Veronica Ohl of Tucson, Arizona, served September 2010 to June 2011

BiSTA is looking for teachers for the fall of 2011. Please spread the word.